Friday, September 22, 2023

The Sherry Sisters - Only Time Will Tell (1972)

The Sherry Sisters were a vocal pop duo from Brooklyn, New York, formed by sisters Lois and Karen Klein, who adopted the name Sherry for their singing career. Their first single 'Stay Away From Bobby' was an answer record to Marcie Blane's original 1962 recording of 'Bobby's Girl', and was issued on the Okeh Record label. After signing to Epic Records they released 'Sailor Boy', backed with their own composition 'He's Just Another Guy', and for 1965's 'Not Tonight'/'Only Time Will Tell' they wrote both sides of the single. This would continue for the rest of their career, with the girls writing or co-writing nearly all of the songs which appeared on their records. They also sang and recorded songs in many languages, such as Spanish, Japanese, Hebrew, French, Italian, Greek and Russian, and issued singles in most of these countries, including a rare Portuguese EP in 1965. The same year saw 'I'd Like To See You Again' come out in Japan, followed by 'Pity Please' in both French and Italian, and in 1966 they issued the German only single 'Wenn Wir Heut' Nacht Nach Hause Geh'n'. For 1968's 'Army Bound' they changed their name to Lois & Karen, after which they took a break for a few years before reviving The Sherry Sisters name in 1972, with their 'If You Have The Love' single on Jamie Records. After one more single on Jamie the same year, the sisters stopped recording, leaving behind an eclectic collection of songs, showing their determination to try to conquer the world market by aiming their songs to many different countries. However, this did not result in the success that they hoped for, and so they are now yet another unfairly forgotten pop group, which I hope this post will go some way to bringing to the attention of fans of well-produced 60's pop music. 

Track listing

01 Stay Away From Bobby (single 1963)
02 Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (b-side of 'Stay Away From Bobby)
03 Sailor Boy (single 1964)
04 He's Just Another Guy (b-side of 'Sailor Boy')
05 Not Tonight (from Portuguese 'Not Tonight' EP 1965)
06 Only Time Will Tell (from Portuguese 'Not Tonight' EP 1965)
07 I'd Like To See You Again (Japanese single 1965)
08 Mist (b-side of 'I'd Like To See You Again')
09 Pity Please (unreleased English version of French single 'Réfléchis' 1966)        
10 Wenn Wir Heut' Nacht Nach Hause Geh'n (Let's Take The Long Way Home) (German single 1966)
11 Alors Pourquoi Rester (No Reason To Stay) (from the French 'Réfléchis' EP 1966)
12 Two Flights Up (promo single 1966)
13 Army Bound (single as Lois & Karen 1968) 
14 Go On! Go On! (b-side of 'Army Bound')
15 I've Got A Whole Lot Of Music In My Soul (single 1972)
16 And Then I Think Of You (b-side of 'If You Have The Love' promo single 1972)
17 Tu' Das Nie (Italian version of 'Pity Please')


  1. no answer SOULSEEK QT ... what's happen ???

  2. have you heard "Vedrai", the Italian rendition of "Go On"? I own it on 45 but I seem to recall hearing of a CD it released on alongside other songs of their discography. it might be worth looking into!