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Tangerine Dream - Chimes And Chains (1983)

German krautorck legends Tangerine Dream are more known for their hundreds of live bootlegs that have flooded the internet than for their studio rarities and out-takes, but there are in fact a number of singles, compilation contributions, bonus tracks from deluxe re-issues, and one-off soundtrack singles and EP's, that can make up an extremely enjoyable compilation. It was put together to compile all the Tangerine Dream music that was released outside the regular albums during the first decade or so of their career, from the best possible sources and with the best possible quality. All the tracks here are therefore taken from samplers, compilations, singles and promos that were released by the band during that period, and alternate versions of album songs were included only when they were a different mix, an extended version or an edited version. 'Ultima Thule' is the original 1971 mix, not the 2000 remix, and I've mixed parts one and two into one seven-minute piece. 'Oszillator Planet Concert' was recorded live on 21 June 1971, and was included on the German triple vinyl 'Ossiach Live' album. 'Overture' was part of the at-the-time unreleased 'Oedipus Tyrannus' project, recorded in June 1974, and was included on the Virgin sampler album 'V' in 1975. 'Stratosfear' and 'The Big Sleep In Search Of Hades' were taken from the 'Stratosfear' album and issued in edited versions on a 7" single. Similarly, 'Encore' and 'Hobo March' were extracted from the 'Encore' album, retitled and issued in edited form as both sides of a 7" single. The extended version of 'Dr. Destructo' just has a portion of the original track duplicated to make it longer, so not really a remix, but just extended for this promo, while the last six pieces are all soundtracks from the German TV series 'Tatort', from releases in 1982 and 1983. The original release of this collection was as a double album, but I felt that most of the good stuff was on the first disc, with a lot of the tracks on disc two being from the 'Risky Business' soundtrack, which I've already posted in full, but it you do want to hear the whole double album then it can easily be found on Soulseek.  

Track listing

01 Ultima Thule (Parts One & Two) (German single 1971)
02 Oszillator Planet Concert (from the 'Ossiach Live' album 1971)
03 Overture (from the 'V' sampler album 1975) 
04 Stratosfear (single edit 1976)
05 The Big Sleep In Search Of Hades (single edit b-side of 'Stratosfear')
06 Encore (UK single edit 1977)
07 Hobo March (single edit b-side of 'Encore')
08 Baryll Blue (from the 2019 re-issue of 'Cyclone' 1978)
09 Haunted Heights (from the 2019 re-issue of 'Cyclone' 1978)
10 Chimes And Chains (from the 2019 re-issue of 'Force Majeure' 1979)
11 Dr. Destructo (US promo 12" 1981)
12 Das Mädchen Auf Der Treppe (German 12" EP, from the TV series 'Tatort' 1982)
13 Flock (from 'Das Mädchen Auf Der Treppe' German 12" EP)
14 Katja (from 'Das Mädchen Auf Der Treppe' German 12" EP)
15 Speed (from 'Das Mädchen Auf Der Treppe' German 12" EP)
16 Daydream (German single 1983, from the TV series 'Tatort' 1983)
17 Moorland (b-side of 'Daydream', from the TV series 'Tatort')

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